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Using a rental car in Harstad gives you the luxury of time and easy travel that public transport usually fails to provide.

While planning ahead a trip, you should always make an arrangement to Harstad car rental provided by us. This gives you oodles of privacy and a control over timing and cost of traveling as well. By choosing our Harstad car rental service makes sure you have access to a wide array of cars and a reasonable price. Good operators and technical support makes your alliance with us even more memorable. As the endless tourism delights of the city beckons, the best way to view them all is by hiring a car in Harstad. We have backed up our customer service with a friendly and polite customer support team trained to solve your online car reservation related queries in the least possible time.


Harstad is the centre of its district because it is ranked he third largest in whole of north Norway. Historical importance of the place is traced back to long ago. Archeological evidence of well developed Bronze Age and Iron Age culture in the area has been discovered. During the Viking Age it was a hub of meetings and trade. The most medieval church in the northernmost part of the world is located just outside the town. Adjacent to it is the Center, and a huge land based canon called Adolf Gun, a war antic from the World War II.

Besides its great reserve of historic relics, Harstad is a picturesque coastal town having a lush and enthralling landscape. The town’s culture life is teeming and it also plays host to Festival of Culture a carnival held in month of June. Grottebadet, a complex full of swimming pools, is a spot popular with locals and tourists alike. Make use of our Harstad car hire and enjoy the historic nostalgia, maritime adventure sports in sea and in lakes, scenic beaches and a rich cultural experience, all at once.

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