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Renting a car in Floro is the most convenient and pocket friendly way to explore this beautiful region of Norway!

Plan your holiday as per your desire by renting a car in Floro. Hiring a car makes it easy to travel from one city to another as and when you please. The public transport in Floro is known for its delays hence renting a car saves you from the hassle of waiting in long and tiring queues. Depending upon your budget and requirements, you can choose among the various cars we offer. Enjoy a secure holiday as all our car rental deals are equipped with round the clock customer support, roadside and breakdown assistance, liability insurance and collision damage waiver. We assure you great comfort and great car hire services in Floro at the most competitive rates.

About Floro

Floro is a municipality in the county of Sogn og Fjordane, Norway. As the country’s western most town, Floro is an idyllic coastal location endowed with some spectacular sights. The town is today a charming little community, and at the same time a town with busy industries such as fishing and oil that are developing continuously.

Places worth Exploring in Floro

To take in the view of the whole city, you can take a trek up to Storåsen hill.  The Church of Norway has seven churches within the municipality of Floro. It is part of the Diocese of Bjørgvin and the Rural Deanery (Prosti) of Sunnfjord. Other must see attractions of the area include the offshore islands, Sogn og Fjordane Museum, Batalden Havbu Fishing Cottages and the Old Quarter. One can easily rent a car from Floro and travel to its nearby areas such as Kinn and Ausevika islands. The green, grass-covered island of Kinn was the central herring area in Norway for the most part of the 19th century. In Ausevika, a 30 minute drive from Florø lays one of the largest rock carving sites in Norway. There are 3000-year old carvings here. The site boasts over 300 carvings depicting both animal and human figures. Trollhola, a prehistoric cave, is located on the island of Askrova. Car rental services offered by us in Floro are provided in the municipality for the convenience of the tourists.

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